026: Mindset and Leadership, Discussion with a Mentor of Mine with Casey Patrick O’Connor

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About the episode:

Casey Patrick O’Connor is the Owner of Can Do Can Teach ( CanDoCanTeach.com ).

He was also one of my first managers right out of college when I worked in Sales and Tech Support at GoDaddy. Casey took what he learned after working at GoDaddy as a Leader in Customer Care for 14 years.

He’s an ultramarathon runner, volunteer firefighter, and helps small business owners and unemployed get better traction with their professional endeavors.

At CanDoCanTeach.com he consults scaling sales and customer service teams, bringing accountability, tools, and process to organizations.

Show highlights:

01:00 – Aaron Intros Casey. Aaron tells a story of how Casey made an impact on him.

04:00 – How Casey’s mother, ultra-marathon running AND time at GoDaddy helped him be a better leader and have a strong mindset. Casey has made an impact on thousands of people in his career. Realizing the person you can become.

25:00 – How do you balance sticking to a plan, being aggressive with sense of urgency WITH a realistic timeline and patience. Starting CanDoCanTeach.com and being accountable for working through a process when you’re not where you want to be yet.

36:00 – Being a student of the process versus Fake it Until you Make it. What’s your philosophy? Believing in yourself. GoDaddy people who followed the process and leveled-up. Aaron learning how to sell from Casey and folks at GoDaddy because of the strong culture, this is systemic with the right leaders and culture.

44:00 – About Can Do Can Teach: candocanteach.com helps scaling teams with training and technology.

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