027: Salespeople as Content Creators, Selling 100% Through the IT Channel with Zach Broome at Procurri

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About the episode:

Zach Broome is a Channel Partner at Procurri and he’s produced over 30 videos on his “Procurri Zach” YouTube channel. Zach has now been in channel sales in the IT data center and infrastructure industry for almost six years, and for the past two years he’s found that making video content as a salesperson keeps his relationships strong during long deal cycles. If you work in sales or marketing at a VAR, MSP, Solution Provider you’ll enjoy this episode.

In Zach’s role at Procurri, he enables sales reps at IT Solution Providers to sell more net-new infrastructure deals. He does this by helping them drive down cost with Third Party Maintenance and hardware buybacks, which is typically leveraged leading up to the old hardware asset decommission and the migration, whether that be cloud or on-prem.

Zach and I also talk about mindset and times he’s struggled as a salesperson. We then hit on how discipline, daily exercise, working on personal projects, and waking up daily at 5:30am have helped Zach find success.

Show highlights:

01m00s – Over 30 videos on “Procurri Zach” YouTube channel. Zach took a break at the end of 2019. Why take a break from making content? Zach talks about how the content creator’s mindset asks, “Are people getting tired of me saying the same thing, or am I getting boring?” Zach also talks about how our day jobs can usually take priority because we need to make sales at end of year. He also talks about how the industry is always evolving, so he took a pause to observe and refocus his content.

03m30s – Salespeople as content creators generates own demand and keeps existing relationships strong. If as a salesperson you’re hitting your numbers, why would you make content? Zach talks about how as salespeople we need to be thinking ahead two or three quarters. Content is a nice way to plant seeds for future quarters, and it’s a great way to have to have existing people see you, connect, or refer others. Customers don’t HAVE to watch videos, but why not make it an option for them?

05m30s – Getting “fluent in the language of IT” when you’re new and communicating the business value in the IT channel. Making content on more technical topics as a salesperson.

08m00s – What is the cloud? How do I communicate technical concepts as a new salesperson? As a new person, hard to explain. The cloud is just hardware somewhere else. Zach gives his tips.

10m15s – How Procurri helps customers with hardware in their own data centers. (1) Data Center Maintenance (2) Data Center Hardware (3) IT Asset Disposition/ hardware buybacks. Zach gives the example, when companies go to the cloud, what happens to the older, on-prem data center equipment?

16m00s – The power of working 100% through channel partners. How Procurri fits into the Channel for Solution Providers, Value Added Resellers, and Managed Service Providers.

20m00s – Zach was a former college athlete taught him about work ethic, mentality don’t let anyone outwork you. Waking up early and morning routine to grow.

24m00s – Stick to routine and plan your day/ week/ month/ quarter, which builds confidence.

26m00s – Toughest time in Zach Broome’s career? Zach said the trick is asking for help when you need it. Drop the ego when needed, and keep confidence. Growing from being a learner and apprentice to making your own path.

32m30s – Zach is the only person at his company who is regularly making content. Zach gives his tips for making video content as a salesperson.

34m00s – Tips for interviewing guests as an easy way to getting started, bring them on camera. Closing remarks.

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