018: Answering Questions for Buyers with LinkedIn Videos in IT and Telecom Financing with Seth Thompson

Seth and I dive into the importance of sales reps answering buyer questions, on video, and then distributing the video on LinkedIn to engage buyers in a way that builds trust and sets appointments over time.

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Show highlights:

07:00 – Seth Thompson’s thoughts on majoring in communications studies. Also part of Powerlifting club. How University of Iowa and athletics made Seth the professional he is today. Valuing intellectual and physical strength and persistence. Not going to get quick wins because guaranteed results are never guaranteed.

13:00 – Idea of injury prevention in competitive fitness is similar to avoiding burn out in business. Doing the little, boring things right over time with discipline to get payoff.

16:00 – How Seth ended up in Sales. Why Seth enjoys customer facing.

21:00 – UCaaS (Unified Communications)-as-a-Service. Seth provides different ways for those that provide those services financial programs to help end customers to make purchases. SMB space is Device-as-a-Service, how do I have the latest and greatest and not go out of date.

26:00 – How Seth is acting as an advocate for his customers on LinkedIn. Using social media, not to sell customers but to educate them. Need to be using video because that’s the trend to personalize to buyers. Answer questions in a non-biased way. You don’t have to be an expert, just try to be helpful.

32:00 – Your personal branding content doesn’t have to be perfect! Don’t have to over-script, can’t fear failure, it’s okay to look away from the camera and sound dumb. Putting something out there imperfect is better than never putting anything at all.

36:00 – The internet didn’t allow us to share video the same way. Sales people are so well suited in this new age of selling.

37:00 – Concern about not being an industry expert to not technobabble. How do you add value to a customer base without being technical in a technical industry? Seth says that you don’t have to share groundbreaking stuff. Think of the top 10 questions your customers ask and “who is Seth?”. Start asking questions. That’s all you have to do and 80% of buyers will have the same questions.

42:00 – in 6 months you will start seeing return, Sales Navigator. You have to cold call and follow-up after sharing and engaging on LinkedIn.

45:20 – Seth’s company wants him to get better at LinkedIn and supports him to do it. Takes it back to his business and makes a case. Virtual networking events. “LinkedIn is digital industry event our our time.”

48:00 – Every lead you got at a tradeshow doesn’t call you back, either…don’t know how to do it without selling.” I’m a person first, and then I happen to sell this, too. That buyer must believe in you first to buy from you.

50:00 – Company can take your tools, but they can’t take your personal brand.

52:30 – Job hopping and documenting your story on LinkedIn. Protect career.

54:00 – Sales Leaders, you want these personal branding sales reps on your team because they will bring you customers.

55:00 – “I trust Aaron, he trusts his company, so therefore I trust his company.”

56:00 – a lot of buyers aren’t active on LinkedIn, and even if they are your still have to cold call and email.

57:00 – Final thoughts from Seth, driving the point home about being okay with failure and finding ways to help other professionals in personal development and their jobs.

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