Facebook Blueprint Certification: Good for B2B Marketers?

Using marketing to target and attract new customers and for growing revenue has changed drastically in five years. This post is an effort to keep myself relevant, because I can safely say that I am behind. If you are, too, keep reading.

The Problem: It’s not 2013 and Cold Calling and Emailing is Hard

Even up until recently, if I wanted my team to set a sales meeting with a decision maker at another company, I had them call and email someone. Sometimes up to 10 times in three weeks. Were we targeting the right person? Yup. Were they picking up the phone, listening to our voicemails, or even opening our emails? Nope.

According to Constant Contact’s data, my industry of tech observed a 13% email open rate as of April 2018. Cold call connect rates were about 7%. Meetings set on those connects: less than 1%. This is hard to produce ROI with the rigor of execution is so intense. Junior resources burn out quickly, and luckily they’re willing to take these jobs. Senior sales reps loathe these activities because they know intuitively how much of a challenge this is.

So, that tells us even with good targeting, our strategy and communication channel may have been wrong. I don’t care how good our execution was at 75 phone calls per day and 100 emails per week, we were missing deeper integration into our prospecting cadence.

LinkedIn has some compelling stats about their InMail feature: people read those messages. In fact, using their data and not mine, cold InMail messages at a minimum have an open rate of 20% with a range of 25-45% open and 2-5% click through. YET, for 18 months my team’s execution on InMail messaging as part of our cadence was choppy, at best.

Now, I want to focus attention on Facebook, but I had to frame it: tactics that “work” are around us at any given time, but we have to be able to execute on them AND get buy in from leaders, which in this case loathe social media existentially in the world, let a lone as a means for branding, engaging, and increasing revenue through sales.

After spending 2013-2018 in the world of content creation, cold calling, email marketing, events, and selling a lot has happened around me. “Social Media Management” is still important, but platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram for B2C and networks like Twitter and LinkedIn have fundamentally transformed how people connect, get jobs, and stay in touch.

At a conference, networking event or happy hour, I’m regularly connecting with good quality people on LinkedIn straight away rather than handing out a business card nowadays.

A team of 7 and I spent 18 months cold calling

You Will Become a More Well-Rounded Marketer with Facebook Blueprint Certification

I’ll bet that getting the Facebook Blueprint Certification will make you more prolific with LinkedIn, Google, and in helping your clients with integrated strategy and planning in general. Let me explain why.

2 billion people use Facebook monthly. That stat floats around, and also isn’t the most helpful. More granularity about Facebook: