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The Challenge of Promoting Marketing Field Events and Content for the IT Channel

Are you wasting MDF dollars on inefficient activities and poorly managed follow-up?

  • In co-marketing, how do we properly attribute leads, activity, and messaging to deal registrations for ROI Reporting?

  • Looking for Lead Generation Companies? Here is a Top 20 Lead Gen Company List from our friend, Blake Johnston, CEO at Outbound View. These orgs can compliment your IT-industry specific efforts

  • How do we get partners and VARs to understand each other’s goals and speak a common language?

  • Tradeshow Woes: 80% of trade show exhibitors don’t follow up with their show leads. (SalesForce, 2012)

  • Your Emails Are Going to Trash:  a 13% email open rate for tech industry as of April 2018 (and updated June 2018), according to Constant Contact’s data.

  • Outbound Phone Is Such a Grind, and Your Reps Feel It: for cold calling, InsideSales.com looked at over 1 million phone calls and determined 6.3% of the time the rep is able to have a conversation (aka not get hung up on)

Promote Channel Events/ Webinars Without Tasking Sales

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